Founding Editor

Journal of Innovation Management

Anne-Laure is the Co-Founding Editor of the Journal of Innovation Management, a Journal focusing on Multidisciplinary perspectives on Innovation (launched in September 2013,

The Journal of Innovation Management (JIM) is the diamond open access, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal hosting cutting-edge debate on innovation and its management, whatever form and facet it takes, and embracing the technological features, managerial processes and impacts of innovation.

By adopting a multidisciplinary perspective on innovation, JIM bridges the gap between scientific research, policy-making, and practice by providing a platform for visionary and pioneering research and thought leadership, enabling a deeper understanding of innovation and the appreciation of its implications.

JIM encourages submissions addressing all phases, stages and types of innovation, from discovery and exploratory science, design, R&D, commercialisation, adoption and diffusion. Submissions combining principles, methods and concepts originating from a myriad of scientific areas, from Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, are particularly welcome.