Anne-Laure Mention has been featured at numerous events and media as an invited keynote speaker, panellist or moderator. Some of the talks she has been featured are below.

Keynote speaker, Henry Stewart Talks entitled “Financial innovation: the future of Fintech“. (2021). As part of the series on Open Innovation and its impact on business and society

Mention, A. (2021, July 28). Financial innovation: the future of Fintech [Video file]. In The Business & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks. Retrieved August 8, 2021, from https://hstalks.com/bm/4679/.

Moderator and Panelist at ISPIM Berlin2021 – “Communicating your Research: The Beyond Publishing” Panel at  the XXXII ISPIM Innovation Conference  – Innovating Our Common Future. June 2021.

Moderator and Panelist at ISPIM Berlin2021 – “Industry 5.0 The Next Frontier” Panel at  the XXXII ISPIM Innovation Conference  – Innovating Our Common Future. June 2021.

Featured article in The Conversation: To become an innovation nation we really need to think smaller” by Verreynne M., Mention A.-L., Feast G., and Torres de Oliveira R. (2021). Read the article here.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021“, featured by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Read the interview here and for more information click here.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services: The Age of Fintech” Published in Research Outreach. Read more or Listen to the podcast or watch the video.

Moderator, ISPIM Connects Global Conference 2020, event entitled “What’s next? Reimagining the New Normal – The road to recovery and regrowth”, December 2020.

Read the report here.

Speaker, Digital Transformation – Thought Leadership Series, RMIT University, Webinar, November 2020. More information.

Keynote Speaker, EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2020) entitled “Research with Impact in the Tech Economy” as part of the session on “Transfer of Industry 4.0 from research to industry”.

Panelist, “Research, Publishing and Academia in a Post-Crisis World“, ISPIM Virtual Conference, June 2020.

Keynote speaker, “Engaging for Impact Conference, Ethical Innovation and Industry Transformation“, RMIT University, Melbourne, 2019.

Impact through Insight

Anne-Laure discusses her work at RMIT University including business innovation and the impact of innovation on economy & society.